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Since 2002 the ( Vision, Get Off, Hands, Hips) System has specialized in Skill Training for Defensive Lineman, Outside Linebackers, Hybrids (DL/OLB). With success measured by our Clients improved production.


High School 2,3,4,5 Star


SEC Sack King


College 10+Sackers


College All-Americans


NFL Drafted


SeniorBowl MVP/POW


NFL ProBowlers


NFL 10+Sackers

Pass Rush Specialist
Hello, I'm Master Skill Front 7 Pass Rush Specialist Chuck Smith based in Johns Creek, North Atlanta, dedicated to consulting, teaching, developing Defensive Lineman and Outside Linebackers to improve their Pass Rush Skill & Technique, and improve production.
Chuck Smith
Pass Rush Specialist
Strength & Conditioning Trainer
Ryan Goldin is the owner, founder and lead trainer at Goldin Athletic Training Association. He has a bachelor of science in sports management and a minor in business. He competed in power lifting on a national level from 1997 to 2006. He became a 5-time national champion and in 1999 he was one of the few Americans to win a gold medal in the world championships for the bench press. He holds the National record for the bench press at the 110-kilogram weight class. His certifications include ISSA and ACE, but he credits Sherman Ledford for his unmatched background in program design and technique coaching. He has trained hundreds of athletes who have gone on to play Division 1 and professional sports. He is a father of three and is married to Abbey Goldin.
Ryan Goldin / Founder of GATA Training
Strength & Conditioning Trainer
Chuck SmithPass Rush Specialist Ryan Goldin / Founder of GATA TrainingStrength & Conditioning Trainer