Our son , Samson Reed, is currently a senior at Kahuku High School, in Hawaii. He was fortunate enough to train with Chuck Smith the summer before his senior year. Chuck’s method of training and his technique are unrivaled. He pays so much attention to detail and elevated our son’s skill level. Samson went from a ‘good player’ to a ‘great player’ in a matter of 4 weeks. Samson had 50 tackles, 21 TFL’s and 9 sacks as a nose guard so far this season. During the summer that he trained with Chuck, he also attended several collegiate football camps. With the tools that Chuck provided him, he was able to dominate at every camp and won pretty much all of his one-on-one battles. Samson committed to the University of Virginia after they offered him at their camp. Samson will continue to train with Chuck during his off-season throughout his collegiate career.
Chuck is a family man and works great with athletes of all ages. Within that month of training, Chuck became part of our family. We can’t thank Chuck enough for the support and love he continues to show for our son.
-Tanoai Reed

Last year, Yannick Ngakoue had a fine sophomore season for Maryland. He had 6 sacks and 13.5 tackles for loss, grading out as one of Maryland’s best players as a sophomore in a front seven otherwise made of seniors.

But Ngakoue wanted more, so he saved money and traveled south to Atlanta to train in the offseason with Chuck Smith.  Ngakoue calls him a “pass-rushing guru.”

Smith worked with Ngakoue to refine his own game, practicing moves to “add to my repertoire.”

“I just wanted to be satisfied with myself. I felt like last year, my sophomore year, it was a cool season and all, but I felt like I could’ve done more,” Ngakoue said Wednesday. “After the season, I asked myself, ‘What can I do more, where I can enhance my game?'”

A few months later, that seems to have happened. Ngakoue’s placement on the midseason watch list for the Hendricks Award, given to the nation’s best defensive end, is definitely a fun thing, but it doesn’t quite get to how dominant he’s been. Ngakoue is on his way to one of the best defensive seasons in Maryland history. He’s been one of the five or 10 best front-seven players on any team in college football in 2015. He’s been just about as elite as elite gets for a college defensive end.

“As a pass rusher, you get in ruts time to time,” Morgan said. “There have been times when I’ve needed another set of eyes. He tells me what I am doing wrong. The stuff he teaches you stays with you even when you aren’t there. All he does is eat, drink and sleep pass rush. That’s important to us.” “Their aren’t many Chuck Smith’s.”



Coach Chuck brought me to Tennessee when I departed USC, it was a blessing!  He was my College Coach for a year, and I work with him now as a Jaguar. He was supportive, motivating and full of knowledge that he shared. Coach Chuck is real. His system works. I improved my Pass Rush using the VGHH System…. It works

Chuck Smith is an expert trainer who really cares about his clients. He pinpoints their strengthens and weaknesses to ensure overall successful routine for the ultimate outcome. He cares about his clients’ overall health, nutritional needs, and outcome. Chuck stresses accountability, discipline and motivates his clients to push to the next level. You will see results both on and off the field. You are getting a personal trainer with a track record of results. Chuck maximizes training time with jammed packed drills from beginning to end. ~

Nedra Scott, Parent


Having the opportunity to train with ex-NFL All-Pro Defensive End, Chuck Smith, was the BEST. Chuck is very encouraging. Chuck brought out my confidence level to play better, bigger, faster and stronger. You will get more knowledge of the game and more moves to set you apart from the competition. ~

London Best, Milton High School, Senior 2018



“Chuck did a great job teaching me skills that have contributed greatly to my game. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to become a even better pass rusher and I realized that there was so much for me to learn but that was the exciting part! Training is intense just how I like it but it is also very calculated and coached with thorough instruction. Looking to improve your game Technically and mentality, Chuck is the man for the job”