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    To hire Chuck Smith Training Systems for:

    • * Coaching Clinics (Building a Pass Rusher from scratch).
    • * Public Speaking (Motivational).
    • * 1 on 1 Private Training.
    • * Group Training.
    • * Middle School Team Camp (minimum 15).
    • * High School Team Camp (minimum 20).

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Wouldn’t you like to host your own Clinic/Camp at your Facility, Park or High School, need a evaluation for your Defensive Lineman, want Chuck Smith to give a presentation on Building a Pass Rusher from Scratch. Have questions about how the Pass Rusher can improve performance and Coaches can easily learn the VGHH (Vision, Get Off, Hands, Hips) system proven for success since 2002? Will CSTS travel out of State?  Need Pass Rush fixes and flaws help? Wondering how much it cost, is it Group Training or one on one?

Have any questions about how you can train with Chuck Smith Training Systems.

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