Don’t Hustle Backwards

When I started Pass Rush Training for pay in 2002 I didn’t get paid often. I trained thousands of Athletes for low pay, lay away too, lol. God gave me the mission of preach and teach the masses of Coaches, Players, Parents etc, that Pass Rush is a skill and it has to be taught. 17 years ago the belief was, Pass Rushers are born.. not true as we’ve learned you can build a Pass Rusher from Scratch…

HS, College, NFL Coaches didn’t respect anyone that wasn’t a Coach on a Staff. So getting a payment from them was like asking President Trump to be humble, which ain’t gonna happen. Lol. Ok corny joke, but parents had no clue, nor should they have during this era. But as I started helping the NFL Coaches Pass Rush process of improving their players production, more listened and started paying for a service, the HS, College Coaches followed also, and the parents follow the Football trends then, and now, jumped on board too. It wasn’t overnight and took 17 years, lots of traveling, thousands of hours in gyms and on fields, slowly, like a snails slow, people started to realized its a business and Skill Coaches provide a valuable service.. didn’t hurt that guys I work with were Super Bowl MVP’s and 2x NFL DPOY… amen!

Now about HUSTLING Backwards. Back in the early days, what I call the Neanderthal era of Skill Training, we had to scrap and fight to legitimize this new movement to the Football World. So, Traditional Position Coaches loved to, and still like to use the term “Clinic” means to work together to learn each others system, drills etc. Well to me it’s “let me get your ideas, system, secrets….for free”. I had to do it for the culture then, never again…

Skill Coaches, in my beginning I had to do that to get to the table with these proud men, so you know they didn’t care to hear “get paid for Skill Training” and get fair compensation. Which was unheard of.

Now! In 2019 guys are HUSTLING BACKWARDS. Charging almost nothing doing a job that has proven itself to be rivaled ONLY by Quarterback Skill Training as in importance. Many charging bottom feeder prices, to get groups and affecting the Pass Rush Skill business & market. Why be afraid to get paid what your earn? Why under cut the market? Hey you Trainers, why not increase your value 2 fold? You don’t have to get taken advantage of, I already worked free, to much, cheap for Players. Also, be aware of the Middle/High School Parents. Who want a package deal, who follow word of mouth, or as I say “word of cheapness” here’s some OG Pass Rush Knowledge. The price you accept is the way they will see your value. If your price is $20 per session for all Summer, it’s so cheap, the parents of your Pass Rushers will eventually say “your to expensive, I can go to Gym X and train for less, you charge to much” I tell them see ya! I’m worth every penny! Get your value.

Pass Rush Coaches, all Skill Coaches, raise the bar, don’t lower it. Everyone won’t like it, getting paid fair compensation helps the Skill Training Business, and you. It helps the new guy who is learning the game, and the Pass Rush Coach who wants to pay bills but is afraid to tell his client no, I’m worth more..Work hard, earn your Pay…. Charge a fair, market value price and let’s continue to grow the the business, and never HUSTLE BACKWARDS #DrRush

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