No  Class- TBD Bounty Hunter Pass Rush Program

No Class- TBD Bounty Hunter Pass Rush Program

Sunday, 26 Apr 2020

3:00pm – 4:30pm

This is a High Performance Pass Rush Skill Class designed for 9-12th HS Defensive Lineman, also Rising College Freshman. The Athlete will train hard as he learns how to use moves that are coveted by Collegiate and NFL Pro’s Pass Rushers, like Speed Rush, Spin, Chop, Long Arm Strike, Cross Chop, Stutter Bull, Ghost, Double Hand Tap!


The D-lineman will start this Class by competing in the Tag Drill Get Off Olympics, as well finish every Class with the Legendary Gauntlet Drill Competition!

Everyone will have  their own workstation (Pop Up, Cones, Strike Bands, etc)  allowing the Athlete to get individual training in a group setting.  Here’s what to expect…

  1.  Improve fast.

  2.  Learn why, how and when to use Pass Rush Moves.

  3.  Improved Pass Rush IQ and Confidence

  4. Faster Hands, improved Striking Ability

  5. Better Stance & Get Off Quickness

  6.  Improved Athleticism and Body 

     For Info: 1-833-222-7225 (Sack)

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Event Fees

Training Payment
$ 50.00