Fixing Flaws Sundays

Fixing Flaws Sundays

Sunday, 15 Sep 2019

3:00pm – 4:00pm

This Class will help fast! We understand the grind of your Season. So this class won’t be a multiple drill oriented, grind you out training session. Its a minimal light movement and walkthrough focusing on the specific skill vs Playing the Run or a Pass Rush Move. The CSTS Coaches will improve the technique Flaw that the player is struggling to use in Practice or Game. Why? You don’t have to wait to the Off Season to get better as a Defensive Lineman. You just have to learn why you have this problem, we will fix the flaw. The player will be taught to self correct the flaw if it happens again. Its vital for continued development, to go into the game or practice with confidence now, and in the future. So if you need help this program will continue week to week preparing you to improve and win. We look forward to helping. To speak to a representative call 1-833-222-7225

Event Location

Duluth, Ga 30097, 11455 LakeField Drive.
Duluth, GEORGIA, 30024

Event Fees

Training Payment
$ 40.00