High School Training Class

“Our Mission is to Consult, Train, Develop Football’s Best and Brightest Defensive Linemen & LineBackers”
CSTS is here to provide each athlete with the necessary teachings and training to maximize their performance, and improve their Pass Rush and Run Techniques on the playing field. 

We use a proven System that consists of 24 Position Specific Drills. 1. Vision (Eye control) 2. Get Off (Quickness Of the Ball) 3. Hands (Improved hand fighting) 4. Hips (Improved Hip Flexibility, Change of Direction). The V.G.H.H System will help the player build confidence and have 4 key components that are the foundation being a Defensive Linemen and LineBacker. The player will learn basic & high performance Pass Rush moves such as Spins, Chops, Bull Rushes, Head Fakes, Rip, etc. 

Dads, Moms , Coaches, Trainers you won’t be out there when your child is playing. The V.G.H.H System is vital for the Athlete to have because it gives each player a self fix mechanism to correct themselves throughout the course of their game. They will reflect on the four vital keys the will learn 1. Vision “where were my eyes?” 2. Get Offs “Was I quick enough or too slow off the ball” 3. Hands “how was my placement, did I use them correctly?” 4. Hips” how well did I transition them.” Let’s get started now and, no time to waste, greatness awaits!

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