You are invited to join football’s top defensive front seven, pass rush “specialist” Coach Chuck Smith for the most complete and detailed Pass Rush System in the sport. Coach Smith developed his unique System in 2002 and has continued making improvements over the past 15 years. The System was specifically designed to allow coaches and players to individualize it to address their own identified needs. Among other things, the System can help coaches and players prepare for your Football season by improving overall Front 7 Skills (Pass Rush, Hand Use and Accuracy, Change of Direction, Pass Rush IQ, Hip Dexterity, Block Recognition, etc.) and developing a player’s individual, “Signature” Pass Rush Moves (Swipes, Spin, Cross Chops, Speed Rush, etc). Chuck Smith’s Pass Rush System is unrivaled in its completeness and proven results. Coach Smith will share his Pass Rush System with the help of the highly-qualified Staff.


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